INTERVIEW: Founder of the most beautiful cases you’ve ever seen, Britt Stillie

INTERVIEW Britt Stillie When fashion and the beauty and simplicity of nature come together, my heart is happy. My inspiration and pursuit as a model, blogger and human is to intertwine the world of fashion with the everyday world and expose the sometimes-overlooked beauty that exists in our day – to -day lives. Add a little LIFE … Continue Reading

INTERVIEW: French Illustrator Jeremy Combot

INTERVIEW Jeremy Combot Jérémy Combot is a French born artist & illustrator now residing in Brittany. His drawings are impeccably pleasing to the eye with an ode to the 90’s and a twist on proportions. Quirky and sleek, his characters are drawn with chic poised faces and colorful stylish clothes that can only make you … Continue Reading

INTERVIEW: Artist & Model Muse Hannah Vandermolen

INTERVIEW Hannah Vandermolen Hannah Vandermolen is not only a muse and fashion model, but she is an incredible painter and artist. The first time that I actually met her was this past May on set for Vogue Italia. We instantly bonded because we both had the desire to make an impact in the World and … Continue Reading