A Night at the Crystal Cove



Yesterday, Scott and I had the opportunity of spending a night at his aunt & uncle’s cottage in Crystal Cove. It had been a long, special day of helping art direct Vision Los Angeles‘ new faces shoot, so being able to relax and rest on the beach(basically) turned out to be wonderful.

Crystal Cove is about an hour away from LA, however it seemed to me like we’d spent at least two hours in the car because I had to pee SO bad!!! As time went by I started to nudge Scott to make it through lights and as we arrived to the parking spots, I jumped out of the car and scrambled around trying to find a restroom. Thankfully we found one, but I promise that for a second I was envisioning the not-too-exciting possibility of having to find a bush. TMI? Sorry!!!!! But it’s true. What a rush.

ANYWAY, I’d never been to Crystal Cove before. Basically, it’s a cottage-dappled, fantasy-like hidden area that was once private and loved by artists. To get to it, you have to park and then walk down a long path. Along that path, there are bushes and trees that were releasing all sorts of delicious smells. Scott and I were trying to figure out what they were- basil? thyme? It seemed magical because it was obviously done on purpose. What a wonderful idea! We always think of stimulating the eyes, but what about scent? Genius! Anyhow along the path, there is a long white tunnel with paintings drawn by little kids. Because it was night time, I kept thinking “oh perfect! What a perfect spot for a murderer to kill me”. I have pretty scary thoughts sometimes, and it doesn’t help that I’ve been watching way too many gruesome movies lately. After reaching the end of the tunnel, this little world opens up – winding paths like at Disneyland, and vintage looking beach cottages randomly scattered upon the cliffs.

Scott’s aunt and uncle are complete sweethearts, and super-cool parents. Welaughed and shared stories for a while, until they headed home for the night. Scott and I had eaten a light dinner a few hours prior, so we found some cheese and crackers which was HEAVEN for me because I never eat cheese and crackers. I should not eat it, but I love it. Now it really felt like vacation. We both fell asleep around 10:30 and woke up to the sound of waves crashing and the soft light gently flowing into the room. Scott then took pictures of me in this scenic house, and then we went on a walk along the beach. I love spending time with Scott. We both love being around each other, all the time, and we both love taking pictures and exploring different areas. Happy girl.

Because we hadn’t had breakfast, on our way home we stopped by a French Bakery called “Rendez-Vous” (omg thank goodness I remembered the name). Their site does not do them justice. If you are ever in the Orange County/ Laguna Beach area, make sure to stop by this place- this is coming from a baguette-snob French girl! Trust me. The owners were French, and we were welcomed by an adorable elderly lady telling us that she ate there every single day, and suggesting just about everything on the menu to us. She was raving about the food in a way that I understood- paying attention to the detail and beauty of each food. I was so thankful for her! What a gracious woman. It took a while to actually choose what we wanted, but as a late breakfast I chose a “Le Parisien” sandwich, and Scott a “Chevre Chaud” Panini. A typical French sandwich is typically ham and butter on a baguette. Simple, fresh, and divine. Mine had some cheese added to it, but hey, I wasn’t about to complain. For a fashion model that doesn’t naturally have the smallest hips ever, I typically never order a sandwich. I can’t even remember the last time I had one prior to today. So for me, it was part of the “vacation” (my excuse). As we got up to leave, a middle-aged couple mentioned and thanked us for praying before we ate. They said that it was special and that “couples that pray together, stay together!” (gosh I hope so. Love Scott). I’m not saying this so that you feel that you must pray before you eat. I believe that different things work for different people, and that Is wonderful. What I want to say is that you never know when people are watching. You never know the impact that you can have on people. I am always baffled by this. So, remember that! You can be an example simply by the way that you live.

I love people!

And now, I am typing to you and reminiscing about today. About to leave in a second to go have dinner with Scott (he makes SUCH amazing stir fry and meat. It never gets old).


1. Crystal Cove is wonderful and magic. Anyone can go, so if you’re down there, you should!

2. Scott has a great family, and so do I. Not one family is perfect, and no one is perfect. However we both have people that love us. Thankful.

3. People are really great sometimes. I fall in love with them and if you stop to notice the quirks of people, you will too. Take the time.

4. My mom is sweet and wonderful. She gave me a hug today and told me of how proud she was. Do you know how much that means to me???

5. Oh yeah, I also did two classes of Pilates in a row today. I wasn’t sure I’d make it, and I did! Beast.

6. I am thankful. I am so happy. Sometimes I have bad days, sometimes we all have bad days. But those pass and are needed so that we can recognize the good.


(mostly taken by Scott)



With Scott