DÔEN SS16 shot by Hilary Walsh ft. Alex Noiret


IT’S HERE! Earlier in January I shot with photographer Hilary Walsh for Dôen, a new ethically-run, woman-run, modern-bohemian line based here in Los Angeles, started by two sisters named Katherine and Margaret! It was a long, beautiful day shooting in the Santa Barbara area ; first we shot on a ranch, and then the beach. The cold would nip at our noses, however the entire shoot felt cozy because the set was literally one big family. Scott even came with us and it was so much fun to have him there. This was my second shoot with Hilary, but my first ever shoot (surprisingly) with babies! I was in heaven. There’s something about incorporating LIFE and NATURE into a shoot that gives a special soul to pictures that can otherwise seem a little dull (we’ve all seen the typical posing on backdrops). What I loved about shooting for Dôen was that I felt like I was being a part of something uplifting. As WhoWhatWear article states, “Working in fashion, both Margaret and Katherine noted the lack of female leadership, despite the major presence of women behind the scenes. So the sisters took matters into their own hands and created a line that promotes female equality; supports and empowers the company’s employees; and works with overseas factories owned or co-owned by women.” And, as NY Times states “They see the brand as a celebration of motherhood, sisterhood and modern femininity”. Okay. First off, the fact that the NY times and WhoWhatWear wrote these amazing articles is awesome, but also, it’s unsurprisingly so. It makes me happy to see good people achieve their dreams all while doing good for the world. I hope you enjoy the photos, I am so grateful to be a part of shoots like these! I am also grateful to have had Scott there, helping me stay warm, happy and hydrated. Lucky girl.









Voila! Hope you enjoy! Despite the freezing cold, I had so much fun and am so grateful. If you have any questions about the shoot, comment below and let me know!